We've loved every minute of our journey and look forward to continuing our partnership with you. From the early beginnings of our company's creation we have grow with values of superior customer service, hiring the best and most qualified, and implementing our company's mission goal to accomplish our vision. 

Prestige Enterprises was born from the idea that the services we provide don't have to come at the cost of quality. And that high end service doesn't have to be unobtainable by the everyday person. Instead by pricing our services at a reasonable level the company can thrive and not at the expense of the customer.

Our First Employee

Our employees are trained and certified where needed to provide top quality services to our customers. With training programs and competitive pay Prestige Enterprises provides an environment where our Human Capital Improvement Plans can prosper and benefit our customers. 

1,000 Happy Customers

Over the years Prestige Enterprises has provided an excellent array of services to not only customers but the communities in which they live. We have partnered with the Prince George's County Maryland Department of Social Services to employee unemployed program participants. We have also participated in summer youth employment programs by partnering with county based high schools. For communities that have provided loyal customers it's only right that Prestige Enterprises give back to the community.

Why Us?

Prestige Enterprises prides itself on the strong values of putting our customers first in every aspect. We take the care and time to address each issue so that our customer not only hear their value to us but they also feel it. Our goal is to provide the best service we can to obtain and maintain customer loyalty.